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Hair/Beard Stimulator

Hair/Beard Stimulator

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"Liquid gold in a glass bottle." -Customer Review


Made with:

Rosemary, Rosemary Essential Oil. Olive oil, Refined Cocunut Oil, Frankincense, Grapefruit Essential Oil.


Rosemary For Hair:

  • Rosemary essential oil strengthens circulation. As a result, it prevents hair follicles from being starved of blood supply, dying off, and leading to hair loss.
  • Stimulates healthy and strong hair growth.
  • Use as often as desired, or once a week after a wash. Apply directly to scalp and gently massage in. 
  • Prevent premature graying and dandruff. (Or dry/itchy Scalp!)
  • Apply on eyebrows/eyelashes nightly.
  • Hair/Beard as desired. Daily is immediate for best results.


Rosemary For Skin:

  • Removes all blemishes. 
  • Use as frequently desired
  • Great for Yoni and Private areas, lightens skin and avoids ingrowns. Also an anti-bacterial, removing bacteria and odors. Soothe occasional vaginal discomfort, apply around vagina/labia after shower. You will have immediate results.


Grapefruit For Hair:

  • Improves blood circulation and strengthens the roots. Due to its antimicrobial activity, grapefruit oil keeps beard ingrown and infections away.
  • Cleans hair follicles naturally without stripping its nutrients-- And adding more., Grapefruit oil is essential for healthy thick hair.

Grapefruit For Skin:

  • Treat/Prevent acne.
  • Generate new skin cells for a smooth natural GLOW.

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  • Rosemary on Hair: According To Scientific Evidence

    Carnosic acid, an active ingredient in the plant, healed tissue and nerve damage in one study. This ability to heal nerve endings may rejuvenate nerves in the scalp too, in turn possibly restoring hair growth.

    More revealing recent studies show that rosemary directly helps protect against hair loss. One 2015 trial Trusted Source pitted the essential oil against minoxidil, commercially known as Rogaine. Both were used on human subjects with androgenetic alopecia (male or female pattern baldness).

    Results showed that rosemary essential oil was just as effective a minoxidil. During the process, it helped the side effect of itchy scalp more successfully than minoxidil.



  • Hair/Beard Care:

    1. Massage it directly into your scalp/beard.

    • Take about 5 drops of the Stimulator oil and massage evenly into your scalp/beard after bath or shower. Rinsing out the oil afterward is optional — though if you do rinse, let the oil sit on your scalp for at least 5 to 10 minutes beforehand.

    2. Mix it into your shampoo.

    • This can also apply to conditioners, lotions, or creams. Keep to about five drops per ounce of product. Afterward, use the product like usual. You can also add 2 to 3 drops directly to any hair product when you apply a dollop of it on your palm before use.
  • Rosemary on Skin: According to Scientific Evidence

    This herb's medicinal qualities makes it a powerful cure for chronic skin conditions including dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis.

    According to certain studies to the therapeutic uses essential oils, top quality rosemary oil has analgesic, anti-bacterial, anticancer, anticatarrhal, antifungal, anti-infection, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and expectorant properties.

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