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Energy Enhancer

Energy Enhancer

Hey! Come here, come chat with ME. 

I,Cassandra use multiple Mood Enhancers in my home. And the benefits are UNDENIABLE..

One day FINALLY. While cooking dinner, I decided you need these too!

And well, Here you go! These are for you. 

After countless weeks of research,  I designed a POWERFUL & SCIENTIFICALLY proven Mood Enhancer.

Yes. I am proud. And YOU my friend, will see why yourself. .

•Brings CALMNESS + PEACE to your home.
•Visually Designed to ease your mind.
•Each order is specifically designed for you. With an Essential Oil and Earth Positives.I.e pink Himalayan salt, lavender, copper, rose quarts etc! Each one is uniquely designed, just like YOU.
•Discs can be hung . With HOMEMADE Organic Scented Bamboo String.
•Disc can be REFRESHED with your favorite essential oil by dropping it on the disc and let it sit for 5min.
•Last a lifetime, PASS on to your children as a FAMILY tradition. Use an ornament! 
•Office, desk space, ANY where in the home, and Your CAR. ENHANCE your MOOD any where. And cleanse from the negativity AROUND YOU.

You need a good vibe EVERYWHERE. 
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