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Manuka Honey + Rosemary Cleanser Bar

Manuka Honey + Rosemary Cleanser Bar

Manuka Honey, Organic Rosemary, Olive Oil, Raw Cane Sugar, Himalayan Salt, Fresh Turmeric & Other Fine Quality Ingredients. 

To appreciate this Formula you must know about my the Worlds Most Desired, EXPENSIVE, Rare, and Medicinal Honey, Manuka.

MANUKA HONEY has the highest enzymes compared to any natural edible. Amongst its peers, other honeys do not stand a chance. 

•What are enzymes? Our body also naturally creates enzymes, and in short, this is how it heals itself. I.E our saliva is packed with enzymes which is why when you bite your tongue, it heals so fast! (But olease do not bite your tongue. Talk yo stuff 🥁😂)

How to Use:

Are you not feeling well or the kids feeling sickly? Rub this bar all over the body, feet and chest especially. Follow with a warm bath. Better than Vicks, this formula will draw out your bodies toxins. Rest Well✨🍃

COVID-19 worries? Look no further. This Formula is highly Anti Bacterial + Fungal. Wash your hands AND stay safe. #antibacterialsoap for BODY + FACE because in times like this, we need to clean more than our hands. ❤️ESSENTIAL WORKERS, this is my tribute to you. Thank you❤️

Cures Yeast infections, VB. Lightens Dark Areas from shaving and genetics. Prevents in grown hairs.

Prevents in grown hairs and shaving acne. Promotes a thicker + fuller beard.

Aids in removing negative and unwanted energy. Allowing you to find peace and eliminate stress. So that you can find clarity while balancing your life.
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