Hydrating Mist

Hydrating Mist

Key Ingredients:

Bulgarian Rose Oil, Organic Roses, Orange Blossom Water, Aloe Vera Hydrosol, Vitamin E, Melon Extract, Spring Water, Grapeseed Oil.


This formula gives an instant glow to skin+hair and protects from sun damage. HIGHLY anti aging! you can feel the mist instantly release toxins and then tighten pores.


This mist SOLDOUT at its Pop Up release 5/29/2022 in Hoboken, NJ! it was a WARM day.

Customers were spraying their faces right at the Esmes Essentials table, since the mist immediately makes you look AND feel hydrated! I gladly INSISTED!



  • If you have oily/normal skin, in these HOTTER months DO NOT apply moisturizer. Instead use this mist to moisturize your face once a day. By winter you may continue this routine. As your skin will adjust its sebum production by then, thanks to this FORMULA.


  • For dry skin, you can reapply as needed. OR add a moisturizer on top.


  • Personally, My skin does not require a lotion like moisturizer. Just this MIST! Its bee