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Orange Blossom + Rose Water Hydrating Mist

Orange Blossom + Rose Water Hydrating Mist

Key Ingredients:

Bulgarian Rose Oil, Organic Roses, Orange Blossom Water, Aloe Vera Hydrosol, Vitamin E, Melon Extract, Spring Water, Grapeseed Oil.


This formula gives an instant glow to skin+hair and protects from sun damage. HIGHLY anti aging! you can feel the mist instantly release toxins and then tighten pores.


This mist SOLDOUT at its Pop Up release 5/29/2022 in Hoboken, NJ! it was a WARM day.

Customers were spraying their faces right at the Esmes Essentials table, since the mist immediately makes you look AND feel hydrated! I gladly INSISTED!



  • If you have oily/normal skin, in these HOTTER months DO NOT apply moisturizer. Instead use this mist to moisturize your face once a day. By winter you may continue this routine. As your skin will adjust its sebum production by then, thanks to this FORMULA.


  • For dry skin, you can reapply as needed. OR add a moisturizer on top.


  • Personally, My skin does not require a lotion like moisturizer. Just this MIST! Its been 8yrs, I have never used a moisturizer. I could not live without this recipe! #skincarehacks


Store in a dry cool area, do not keep in extreme tempatures as this will effect the recipe.


How to use:

  • SHAKE WELL before each use.
  • Apply after washing face while pores are still open.
  • Spray 5inches downward onto face Left side, then Right, for an even coat. Typically 1-2x or enough to coat entire face.
    • Do not spray directly on face because the droplets will make it harder for the recipe to get absorbed into skin. Mist your face do not SPRAY it.
  • Pat (with fingers) in any left over drops and let dry before applying any other products.
    • Reapply as needed to hydrate facial skin.
    • Use atleast 1x a day for benefits
  • Can use on entire body/Nails/Hair for improved health beneifts.

**To set make up see below**



  • Bulgaria is known to grow the highest quality of roses. Roses are highly anti aging, equivalent to raw honey! In my opinion. Immedialy strengthens hair and gives it a beautiful shine. Sprayed on the skin, it will instantly become hyrdated and have a natural dewy glow, that will last the entire day. Since it is antibacterial, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory Roses calm irritated skin&Scalp, minimize pores, & reduce fine lines. Great for dermatitis, acne, eczema, & dandruff when applied to the scalp. It can help clear up flaky skin & controls skin's PH balance. Making it ideal for oily skin, since it's so great at lowering excess sebum production.
  • Orange blossom is a gentle cleanser that soothes the epidermis & softens skin. It brightens dull skin, combats the signs of ageing, whitens nails and boosts growth, strengthens hair whilst giving it a healthy shine & helps make up set. Orange blossom is an excellent face & body moisturiser. While it cdeep cleans the pores it also helps to exfoliate old cells. Evens the skin by creating a balanced pH & helps to add moisture to dry skin. Great as a toner for your skin. For dry skin, it will repair your skin back to the condition of the younger skin you had, with its combination of rich calcium which contributes to antioxidant production. For instance, the free radicals which can cause you wrinkles + cheek-sagging, will be fought by the antioxidants. For oily skin, the orange blossom will control the excess oil production wherever you apply it, by the ample amounts of Vitamin C & antioxidants. And It will remove the dirt and dead cells of your skin, afterwards keeps your skin toned and moisturized. Lighten the dark spots and help to fade them with time. And this effects in removing blackheads too. Aids the skin from harmful UV rays as it acts as a barrier. Leaves skin and hair glowing, not only on the outside but the inside! An extreme healthy boost.For oily skin, use it as your hydrating mist. Even oily skin can be dehydrated. For dry skin, spritz skin prior to applying your moisturizer, and it will lock that moisture right into your skin."
  • Vitamin E is used as an antioxidant and a skin-conditioning active. It protects the skin from environmental pollution/UV radiation –although it cannot be classed as a sunscreen. A powerful anti-inflammatory, prevents the signs of premature ageing, as inflammatory conditions in the skin is a leading cause of skin ageing. It has excellent wound healing properties. Vitamin E also enhances and helps with the penetration of other compounds into the skin and itself absorbs well into skin. Vitamin E is reduced in the skin when exposed to sunlight, making topical vitamin E necessary in hair and skincare.
  • Not drinking enough water?

    Water keeps your body hydrated and refreshed and helps maintain your skin's elasticity. People who drink large amounts of water are less likely to suffer from scars, wrinkles, and soft lines and they won't show as many signs of aging as those who drink little amounts of water. Keep your skin on track when you miss your water intake GOALS and avoid damaging your skin! Spritz this spray throughout the day to keep hydrated and your skin will never know the difference.

  • Set Make Up

    This MIST is great at setting MAKEUP.

    If using powder/pearl based makeup spray after MAKEUP.

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