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Extra Cozy Overnight Socks

Extra Cozy Overnight Socks

Footie Socks

Dry feet are very common. The skin is compressed for long hours from our weight forcing it to form a callus to protect it from cracking. This is normal and healthy, don’t feel bad! The more you’re on your feet, the more special treatment you’ve EARNED!

Have your Cozy Socks at hand. After a bath, apply Butter to  body + feet. Immediately put on socks to lock in the moisture in feet.

Did you know? 

SCIENCE confirms wearing SOCKS will make you SLEEPY! So, sleep well my Queens and Kings!

Machine wash cold after 3 uses. 
I suggest hand washing in cold water very gently, apply a cap amount of Apple Cider Vinegar and let socks sit in water and soap mix. Then rub socks together and rinse. This will maintain the quality of the socks. And  the ACV will remove all oil and dead skin buildup.

One size-Women’s 4-10
99% Polyester 1%Spandex
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