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Pineapple + Guava Hair Cleanser

Pineapple + Guava Hair Cleanser

Pineapple + Guava
Hair Cleanser

Made With:
Organic Pineapple and Guava Leaves extract, made right from my home! Pure Coconut Cream, Avocado Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Raw Honey, Nigerian Shea Butter, Himalayan Pink Salt.

THIS  Pineapple + Guava Recipe benefits ALL hair types. 
We did a STUDY for a year, on the following hair types:

1A-1C: Straight-use 3x a week 
2A-2C: Wavy-use 2x a week
3A-3C: Curly-Once a week
4A-4C: Tight Curls or “Kinky”- Every 2 weeks or after style take out. 

Dreads: Let cleanser soak after rubbing into Locs. Rinse after 3 minutes. And Towel/air dry. Lastly add, desired conditioner and beeswax to continue your ORGANIC journey. 
This homemade perfected One-Of-A-Kind recipe will leave you speechless
Guava Leaves:
          •A SUMMER SUN elixir. Prevents sun damage. Did you know our hair gets damaged from the sun too?! Consider this SPF for your hair. Contains vitamin B + C, which help boost collagen activity required for hair growth while Alain preventing HAIR-LOSS.

 Pineapple, Pure Coconut Cream, Refined Almond oil, Avocado Oil, Olive Oil, Raw Honey:
•Stimulates hair growth
•Promotes healthy and shiny hair
•Strengthens (will thicken hair)
        •Restores damaged hair follicles (I.e perm          or color scalp burns) 

Pink Himalayan Salt:
         •Removes ALL bacteria, OIL based buildup, dandruff, and any harmful free radicals. 

Reminder please allow 1-2 months for your body to adjust to chemical free products.
I suggest using this Organic shampoo in place of your regular shampoo 1x a week and continue to condition as you would. 
Be sure to use fingertips to lather and massage cream into scalp directly. Then use excess for hair ends.
  • Additional Info

    • 16oz 
    • Amber Glass
    • Pump Bottle. If cap desired, please leave a note for me and I can add a cap twist top for free.
    • 1 Year in Fridge or cool area
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