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Be Calm Cleanser

Be Calm Cleanser

Lavender, Almond, Himalayan Salt, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and Chia Seed blend.Why a Cleanser & not a body wash/soap bar? Cleansers are intricately formulated for healthier skin. It will eliminate and prevent Acne + cyst. Hydrate and unclog pores, for a smoother appearance. And even skin tone by removing blemishes-Acne, chaffing, shaving, and natural dark spots. (GLOW)Calming + Ultra Skin HydrationAlso a HIGH QUALITY Yoni Cleanser•Lavender: calms mind & body. Reduces wrinkles. Brightens skin. (GLOW)•Almond:High in Vitamin C+E, Zinc which restores DAMAGED skin. (GLOW)•Himalayan Salt: ANTI BACTERIAL. Reduces Acne. Treats Eczema.•Chia Seeds: ANTI AGING. Ultra HYDRATING. Leaves skin baby smooth. Regenerate skin cells. Sooth irritation-rids redness (GLOW)•EEVO: Mega ANTI AGING, Regenerate skin cells. Prevents wrinkles and stretch marks.
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